Michelle has been pet and house sitting in the SWFL area for over 15 years. She has been a pet owner her whole life and is now the proud fur-parent of her papillons and pomeranians.
Michelle received her degree in Art and Medieval Studies at FGCU but her passion for animals never went away which is why she knew she had to continue working with them.  As a child Michelle fell in love with the company of animals and spent a lot of her time with them while she was growing up. Michelle spends her extra time taking care of animals by feeding strays, fostering animals, and playing with them. Dogs and cats aren't the only animals Michelle has experience with, she has taken care of other animals such as goats, donkeys, rabbits, birds and horses.  Michelle has experience administering medications to sick and injured animals.  Since she was a child she has been attracted to the side of sick or weak animals offering them comfort and the love they need to heal.  She is a certified Reiki healer and is currently studying pet nutrition and behavior. 
Michelle is big advocate for adoption and Spay and Neuter programs and has rescued a number of animals herself.
She works with a number of animal rescue groups in the area helping Trap, Neuter, and Release programs and adoptions.

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